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Big Whale Country Club NFT's
Holding a Big Whale NFT Will Get You Access To...

Metaverse Business Club

We plan to invest over 100 ETH from the initial drop into land and the development of Big Whale Country Club in the metaverse. (Q3-2022)

Real World Events

As the community grows, we plan to host real-world hybrid events where whales can tune in from around the world and connect with fellow members while watching speakers. 

BWCC Networking Chat

Holders will be given instant accsess to the Big Whale business and networking chat where they can connect with other whales.  

Network of Juggernauts

We commit to doing everything we can to add juggernauts of each industry into the club as official Big Whale Holders. 100 NFTs will be set aside to pursue these partnerships. 
The Metaverse Is Coming....
Big Whale Country Club is your chance to take part in the amazing development of the metaverse. This is not your typical NFT drop. We are committed to reinvesting 100+ ETH from the Big Whale Drop into creating venues in the metaverse and real-life that are exclusive to Big Whale members. When you mint a Big Whale Country Club NFT, you are taking part in a movement that will be remembered in history, and guaranteeing yourself a spot in an exclusive business and networking club. 

Our Vision Is Fully Transparent

Derrick Lawter is an entrepreneur with deep experience in digital marketing and brand development. His vision with this project started by pushing the edge of what is possible with NFT's and the Metaverse. After investing in several NFTs, he realized the unused potential NFT's could have as access passes. His vision for Big Whale Country Club includes virtual metaverse events with special access for members, as well as developing the premier business and networking club In the metaverse with industry leaders.  
Derrick Lawter
Big Whale Country Club
Frank Alger is an amateur competitive golfer and cryptocurrency investor. For years, he has seen the vision of the metaverse and has been mastering his plan to build something that can last. Big Whale Country Club was inspired by the countless high-quality connections and networking that Frank saw take place at country clubs. His vision is to create a high-class exclusive metaverse country club that everyone can have a chance to join early with our collection of 5000 NFTs.
Frank Alger
Big Whale Country Club
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